Freebooter Miniature Review – The Huntress

This is a bit of a bonus review as, whilst digging out parts to make a new Flagellant for my Witch Hunter warband I found the Huntress – strictly speaking it’s called the Female Hunter, but I like Huntress better. Again, regular readers will know that I’d decided to use this model as a champion for my slow burn Middenheim warband and so her rediscovery was serendipitous to say the least. Aside from a severely scratched undercoat and a missing pistol, she’s in top condition and so I thought I’d pen a quick review as it’s a model that I’ll be actively using in the (hopefully) not too distant future.


As with Lobo the Old Warhorse that I reviewed the other day, it’s one of Freebooter Miniatures‘ older models. In fact it was the purchase of this model at Salute years ago that kicked off my fascination with Freebooter Miniatures to begin with. This may make me slightly biased but I don’t care, because it’s an ace model and still holds up very well.

Like Lobo, it isn’t athletically posed as some of the more recent models but what it does have is arrogance. Bags of it. The; one hand on hip, the other casually holding a hunting spear, oozes confidence and combined with her array of weapons strongly suggests that should anyone try anything it’s not going to end well for the other person.

It kind of smacks of a steampunk Lara Croft-esque warrior woman, which is by no means a bad thing. If anything it makes the model transferable to steampunk or sci-fi games as all that you’d need to do is get rid of the spear and pistol. As a model it’s a mass of contradictions, and I love it. The high cheek bones and icy stare is reminiscent of Russian nobility. The Knee high boots and front fastening corset suggests she’s a rogue in more ways than one but the heavy coat and ushanka suggests that she’s use to harsh conditions and knows her trade. And probably cut the pelts for those items herself.

And it’s that attention to detail, as with so many of Freebooter’s models, that makes it so good. Arguably, because of its age there are better models out there for the money, but sometimes it’s not about the casting process (are you listening Games Workshop) but the love that goes into making the model in the first place and this model is no exception to that. She even comes with her own bed roll which, for me, completes her story as a hunter living off the land or, in the case of my character in Mordheim, someone who has tracked her father for weeks, always sleeping rough, out of sight, lest she be spotted and sent home.

The Female Hunter is, still, a great model as a statement piece or the focal point of a diorama. Or, in my case, as a hard-nosed, hard-arsed warrior woman that’s going to bring misery to any poor son of a bitch that strays within reach of that hunting spear.