Alliance Undone

TSCA_Logo_W copyMost will have noticed a lack of content lately. This is because real life, for the entire team has rather gotten in the way. One of our number has had to take a couple of months off and the rest of us wrestle with work a family commitments. We’re working hard to get our lives in order to bring the content back up to snuff but it does mean that concessions must be made.

However, something has to give. The Shell Case Alliance blog network was founded with the sole ambition for members to mutually support one another’s efforts through sharing the RSS feed and reblogging one another’s content. The idea being that members would mutually benefit from shared content as well as having a wealth of content to put up also.

Sadly it has been a failure. I could try to sugar coat it but it is what it is. I’ve not had the time to keep memberships up to date for starters. And I must apologise to all those that have contacted over the last year (yes, I’m that shit) requesting to join. However, between an RSS feed that got hacked, but wasn’t maintained anyway, and few embracing the ideals with which the Alliance was founded it was irrelevant anyway.

I had hoped as The Shell Case team grew I would be able to focus on that site more but it’s just not been possible and so I’ve come to the decision that the The Shell Case Alliance site (to be completely clear – not this site) will close on the 30th June unless someone steps forward to administrate it.

You’re welcome to contact me through the usual channels. If, after a couple of discussions and establishing the right background (because I don’t have time to hand hold unfortunately) you’ll be given admin access and all you need to do is respond to membership requests, update the RSS feed & Blogdex and vigorously pursue the ideals of the Alliance. Be warned it’s not a quick ten minutes every now and then.

If no one comes forward the site will be deleted and a chapter of TSC history closes. Members will need to take down their buttons if you please. This site will continue on with hopefully improved vigour as there’ll be one less site to worry myself into inactivity over.

I’d like to thank the earliest members who agreed to join the Alliance when they had absolutely no reason to trust Dave (@docbungle) and I when we first came at them with the idea. To Dave for his unflagging support and all the members for wanting to be a part of something like this.


Post 600

I had planned on making my Dreadball review my 600th post but it seemed far more appropriate to once again extend my thanks to all my readers and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Special thanks goes to Dave over on Miniature Musings of a Bear, Jason & Nate at Noobhammer, Adam & John at War More Radio and a bunch of other people who are too numerous to name. And to my sponsor Firestorm Games for supplying me with many shiny things to write about.

As ever I will continue to do my damnedest to bring you content you want to read about such as reviews, musings and rants (apparently they’re quite addictive reading), ever more entertaining podcasts over on Of Dice and Men and expand the Shell Case Alliance family.

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend.

The Shell Case Alliance

Following on from my post earlier I’ve been able to make the majority of finishing touches to The Shell Case Alliance website taking a loose list of bloggers to a proper blogdex. There’s still a few little bits to be added on such as the member RSS feed, but it’s done enough that it can launch.

A massive thank you to all those that have supported the Alliance thus far. And can I ask all existing members of The Shell Case Alliance – you’re not sure go here – to make sure they have an up to date icon and direct it to And can I also ask that anyone with a Shell Case forum button please take it down? If you’re not a member and would like to be then click here.

Times, They Are A-Changing

It comes with a certain degree of sadness that I announce that The Shell Case forum will be closing down.

I simply don’t have the time to maintain it and I couldn’t find anyone willing to take it on my behalf. It’s far better to wind it up now than it become the poor kid at the grown-ups table within the Shell Case network. Plus with so much of the forum’s purpose being carried on Twitter by the thriving community of #warmongers it has become all but redundant. The forum will remain open until the end of August.

What this also means is a change to The Shell Case Alliance. Specifically how members join. I’m in the process of creating a dedicated Shell Case Alliance website that will turn it into a ‘proper’ blogdex and list every member’s blog as well as explain what The Shell Case Alliance is all about and how to join. Its principles will still be the same it’ll just have a new home and being a member of the forum will not, obviously, be a prerequisite.

I’d like take the opportunity to thank everyone who joined the forum for their support and to Dave (@DocBungle) for working so hard to promote it over the last year. We made a good go of it but in the end ambition was further than reach.

#warmongers Miniswap

Rob of themossop blog has come up with a rather natty idea in the form of the #warmongers Miniswap. Essentially a community driven co-operative painting exchange. As The Shell Case Alliance is all about these kind of initiatives I’m very pleased to say that Rob is using The Shell Case forum as point of sign up so make sure you get over there and put your name down.

But rather than me prattle on about it Rob has kindly supplied me with the relevant fluff…

What is a miniswap?

A miniswap is a simple idea, everyone who wants to take part puts their name in the hat and then a random draw gives you a name of someone else in the miniswap. They send you a mini to paint (it’s through snail mail, so a standard 28mm infantry model is probably about as big as you want to get!), which you dutifully apply your best brush skills to and then return for them to add to their collection.

Of course because you’re part of the same miniswap, someone else will get your name, you’ll send them a mini and they’ll paint it up for you 🙂

We have some great brush skills out there in the twitterverse all allying themselves to the #warmongers hashtag so you’ve every chance of getting a rather good-looking figure out of this, unless I pull your name out of the hat of course, sorry about that…

To get involved first head over to The Shell Case forums and sign up, once we have sufficient numbers (a dozen or so) I’ll draw the first names for everyone and post the results, from there it’s up to you to organise address swapping and get the thing moving.

Salute 2012

Anyone going to Salute on the 21st who would like to be put into a ‘sub-group’ for doing the miniswap in situ, just mention that in your sign up post and I’ll do a pre-Salute draw. We’re doing a #warmongers get together anyway so it sounds like an ideal opportunity to save one batch of postage costs to me!

Go, go, go!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Shell Case forums and get involved, the first annual #warmongers miniswap extravaganza is a go!