After the fantastic Black Library Live ended, Lee and I were fortunate enough to catch up with the legendary Gav Thorpe over a pint (of Coke) in Bugman’s.

He reminded me that I had set up this blog, made some bold claims and then kind of did fuck all with it.

We got on to the Tragedies of the Primarchs series I began writing and, again, I was nudged by Gav and Lee that perhaps I should get my arse in gear and finish writing them.

It occurred to me that some work needed to be done on this site and what once was The Shell Case. The weight of years and sheer effort hung around The Shell Case made starting over a little daunting. Plus losing out on all that content was kinda sucky.

So, I’ve consolidated the two.

On this site you’ll now be able to find all of the old The Shell Case content, as well as the new stuff for SILO41. Tragedies of the Primarchs are here as is the classic Shell Case Shorts.

The Shell Case as it once was is no more and the domain has been redirected.

I’ve also updated the look (obviously) so it’s a little more user friendly.

There’s a few additions still to be made – like a page about Aurora Games – but this is my new virtual home. Welcome.

Alliance Undone

TSCA_Logo_W copyMost will have noticed a lack of content lately. This is because real life, for the entire team has rather gotten in the way. One of our number has had to take a couple of months off and the rest of us wrestle with work a family commitments. We’re working hard to get our lives in order to bring the content back up to snuff but it does mean that concessions must be made.

However, something has to give. The Shell Case Alliance blog network was founded with the sole ambition for members to mutually support one another’s efforts through sharing the RSS feed and reblogging one another’s content. The idea being that members would mutually benefit from shared content as well as having a wealth of content to put up also.

Sadly it has been a failure. I could try to sugar coat it but it is what it is. I’ve not had the time to keep memberships up to date for starters. And I must apologise to all those that have contacted over the last year (yes, I’m that shit) requesting to join. However, between an RSS feed that got hacked, but wasn’t maintained anyway, and few embracing the ideals with which the Alliance was founded it was irrelevant anyway.

I had hoped as The Shell Case team grew I would be able to focus on that site more but it’s just not been possible and so I’ve come to the decision that the The Shell Case Alliance site (to be completely clear – not this site) will close on the 30th June unless someone steps forward to administrate it.

You’re welcome to contact me through the usual channels. If, after a couple of discussions and establishing the right background (because I don’t have time to hand hold unfortunately) you’ll be given admin access and all you need to do is respond to membership requests, update the RSS feed & Blogdex and vigorously pursue the ideals of the Alliance. Be warned it’s not a quick ten minutes every now and then.

If no one comes forward the site will be deleted and a chapter of TSC history closes. Members will need to take down their buttons if you please. This site will continue on with hopefully improved vigour as there’ll be one less site to worry myself into inactivity over.

I’d like to thank the earliest members who agreed to join the Alliance when they had absolutely no reason to trust Dave (@docbungle) and I when we first came at them with the idea. To Dave for his unflagging support and all the members for wanting to be a part of something like this.


The Shell Case Reloaded

TSC_Logo HiResHopefully by now you all will have noticed increasing frequency of articles and variety of by lines going up on The Shell Case. This is because over the last 12 months I’ve been hard at work gathering together a team of writers who can offer more to our loyal readers than I can do on my own. Whilst I’d love to play every game out there it just isn’t possible and not every game is going to be my bag. Each member of the team brings something unique in terms of background, gaming preference and experience and it’s a great mix that will mean wider, more interesting, content for you.

More importantly it will mean more articles about more games, more often. With an expanded team we’re able to produce more hobby articles, more reviews, write battle reports more regularly and serialise campaigns too. We’ve already put our best foot forward and we’ve got some great articles in the pipeline. We’ll also be breaking new ground by exploring historical wargaming for the first time beyond the Saga & Old West reviews 18 months ago. Whilst not new for most, this has been a largely unexplored area for us and it’s time that changed.

We’ll also be bringing you some more guest posts. Gav Thorpe & Nick Kyme will hopefully return with some of their cohorts to follow, including a certain someone currently involved in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

And finally there’ll be a few more competitions in the offing especially as our current painting competition has been so well received.

It’s a really exciting and busy time for the team and I. The wargamers I’ve been lucky enough to assemble have bags of enthusiasm and are putting that energy into great content and wider projects that we’ll be revealing in the near future. And because I’ve got 6 hard working and awesome people, including Mat and Lee who graciously agreed to be deputy editors, I get to write more or what I like and focus on editor type things.

We’ll also be making some improvements to the site, making it easier to find content. We’re also considering a redesign but I’m yet to hit on a design and layout that I like. But more on that another time. Mat has also been hard at work unravelling the mess that The Shell Case Alliance feed became thanks to some chronically masturbating Japanese hackers. I’m not being derogatory, all the links were for some pretty serious Japanese pornography sites so one has to make assumptions. If you’re site is part of the Alliance or you’d like it to be please get in touch as we need to share the updated RSS feed. The site will get a face lift too and became a much more useful resource for sharing awesome wargaming blogs.

We’ve got a mountain to climb to achieve our third phase of expansion – much of which I can’t disclose at the moment – but I’m proud to say that I’ve got the right team to get us there. I can’t promise – at this stage – that we’ll be able to cover every game but we’re going to do our best to broaden our horizons and have as much fun as possible whilst we do it.

Thanks for reading.

Post 600

I had planned on making my Dreadball review my 600th post but it seemed far more appropriate to once again extend my thanks to all my readers and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

Special thanks goes to Dave over on Miniature Musings of a Bear, Jason & Nate at Noobhammer, Adam & John at War More Radio and a bunch of other people who are too numerous to name. And to my sponsor Firestorm Games for supplying me with many shiny things to write about.

As ever I will continue to do my damnedest to bring you content you want to read about such as reviews, musings and rants (apparently they’re quite addictive reading), ever more entertaining podcasts over on Of Dice and Men and expand the Shell Case Alliance family.

Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend.

Of Dice & Men – Episode 2

It’s here, episode 2! Now with 200% more content!ODAM

In episode 2 of Of Dice & Men the team talk about their hobby, wargaming blogs that have caught their eye and the importance of background in the building and playing of a game, and does poor fluff mean poor army lists?

We also learn that Jason’s mental, Adam is a deviant, Nate is in a sulk and Phil goes off on a rant. Again.

Of Dice & Men Episode 2

The Shell Case Alliance

Following on from my post earlier I’ve been able to make the majority of finishing touches to The Shell Case Alliance website taking a loose list of bloggers to a proper blogdex. There’s still a few little bits to be added on such as the member RSS feed, but it’s done enough that it can launch.

A massive thank you to all those that have supported the Alliance thus far. And can I ask all existing members of The Shell Case Alliance – you’re not sure go here – to make sure they have an up to date icon and direct it to And can I also ask that anyone with a Shell Case forum button please take it down? If you’re not a member and would like to be then click here.

Times, They Are A-Changing

It comes with a certain degree of sadness that I announce that The Shell Case forum will be closing down.

I simply don’t have the time to maintain it and I couldn’t find anyone willing to take it on my behalf. It’s far better to wind it up now than it become the poor kid at the grown-ups table within the Shell Case network. Plus with so much of the forum’s purpose being carried on Twitter by the thriving community of #warmongers it has become all but redundant. The forum will remain open until the end of August.

What this also means is a change to The Shell Case Alliance. Specifically how members join. I’m in the process of creating a dedicated Shell Case Alliance website that will turn it into a ‘proper’ blogdex and list every member’s blog as well as explain what The Shell Case Alliance is all about and how to join. Its principles will still be the same it’ll just have a new home and being a member of the forum will not, obviously, be a prerequisite.

I’d like take the opportunity to thank everyone who joined the forum for their support and to Dave (@DocBungle) for working so hard to promote it over the last year. We made a good go of it but in the end ambition was further than reach.

1 Today

The Shell Case is 1 years old today. It’s funny to think that back then I had very little idea what I was going to write about that month let alone 12 months later.

So, what’s happened in the last year? Well…

Since The Shell Case went live I’ve written 387 posts the blog has had over 84,500

In July last year the blog averaged 11 hits a day. It now averages 540.

The busiest day was a whopping 2,105 hits for my first look at Dropzone Commander which is released today – which has a pleasing symmetry to it.

I’ve written 47 reviews, 9 interviews and 12 essays on 40k. And I’ve even been interviewed by Noobhammer and War More Radio.

In the last year The Shell Case Alliance has been founded and has 33 members and the Shell Case Shorts looks set to run right through to the end of the year just as I’d hoped. This never would have happened were it not for the kindness of the writers and games developers who have donated prizes these last few months.

Thanks to my good and dear friend Dave aka DocBungle. He was an inspiration to me starting out and gave me invaluable advice in those early and timid days. He continues to inspire even now. And make fun of me until I paint things…

There are lots of other people to thank for the continual kind words and encouragement – you all know who you are.

All in all it’s been quite a year and none of it would have been possible were it not for the tremendous community that I have found myself a part of. You all inspire me to write better, write more and take as many #warmongers as I can with me on my meandering journey through wargaming.

The second year of The Shell Case has some ambitious plans, some of which are already getting traction but more on that another time.

Suffice to say that the reason why I have and will continue to write is for those of you reading this now. Thank you.

As a birthday bonus I’m going to do give one lucky person an Empire of the Dead Gentlemen’s Club starter set. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me why you deserve to win. Be as imaginative as you like.

You have until Tuesday 31st July to enter, one entry per person, my decision is final and no alternative is offered. Have fun!


Salute 2012

I’m taking advantage of popping over to see my folks to use their Interwebs. My house move has become something akin to a Carry On film. Except it’s not funny…so it’s exactly like a Carry On film.

Regardless of the waking hell I’m currently living through I will be attending Salute 2012. Afterall, that Relic Contemptor Dreadnought isn’t going to buy itself. Although how handy would that be?!

Anyway, I shall be attending with two of The Chaps – Lee and Jeremy and will do my best to Tweet and post pictures throughout the day and then I’ll round it up with a post-Salute…er…post once I get interwebs of my own restored.

As mentioned on Twitter and on The Shell Case forums I have had a t-shirt made up with The Shell Case logo on it so if you see some dude walking around with the image below on his back make sure you come and say hi.

I’d also really like to get as many #warmongers together, perhaps for lunch, as possible so I shall be sending out a tweet along the lines of #SaluteWarmongersAssemble so keep your eyes peeled around 1pm. We’ll be meeting at the Square Pie Shop.