The Shell Case Beatdown

For some time now I’ve been toying with the idea of holding a gaming weekend for all the fine chap and chapettes that make up the #warmongers on Twitter. Essentially it’s an excuse to get together all the people who I’ve got to know and respect these last couple of years and play games with them.

The more I thought about it the more I realised that it would actually be quite a grand undertaking as the #warmongers live very far afield. And it would also need to be over an entire weekend to make the best use of our time.

So, what I’ve done is done a small poll, below, that I’d like everyone to complete to see if it’s worth attempting. From there I’ll research accommodation and venues, which may be one and the same thing and see if I can negotiate a group booking. I’ll then organise some sort of system where everyone can pay me for their room etc and in return I thought I’d do some funky tickets that you can keep a momento or use for roll-ups.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts and we’ll go from there…


It’s Quiet…

I’ve been rather quiet lately both on The Shell Case and on Twitter. The main reason for this is I seem to be spending all my time working or being too tired from working to think of anything interesting to say.

I had to drive to Diss and then Kendal over Monday and Tuesday – a 845 mile round trip – and I’d hoped that I could get something done when I stopped in the hotel Monday night, but I was just too tired.

So, whilst I think of something to say that’s the tiniest bit interesting, I shall direct your attention to an interview DocBungle had with me and the method behind my particular brand of madness. Go here.