Thon Available to Buy

1399569203You may remember a long while back The Shell Case looking at a truly gorgeous looking game called Thon. It briefly appeared on kickstarter but was cancelled due to some important changes in the game that meant it wouldn’t be ready for market.

I must admit that I forgot all about this very special looking game so when I discovered that the creators had managed to bring a 2 faction set to market I was pleased, proud and excited.


I hope I’ll be able to take a closer look at this game as, almost a year ago, this was something I was desperately looking forward to.

If, like me, you can’t wait, then head over to the Thon website and check out the shiny new toys.

Thon Kickstarter Cancelled

575cb7bdfc4810be752613606b3fb401_largeI’m very sad to report that the Thon kickstarter has been cancelled despite smashing it’s $35,000 target. This was the only statement on the Thon Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart that I cancel funding on THON. The upside is that we will return bigger and better, with this experience behind us.

I have no exact time frame but please stay tuned to Facebook and the official page.

Thanks to all that backed us, and especially those that hung in there despite the ups and downs. 

The game has changed, and we will change with it. This kickstarter is over, but our Spirit remains.


As I find out more I shall post it but I for one hope we see Thon back on the radar real soon. Because, well, it looks the tits.



Thon on Kickstarter


A while ago I took a look at Thon in all its rather splendid glory. I then had the pleasure of interviewing the creator. At the time it was still being developed but rejoice because it’s now on Kickstarter! And if you don’t go and support it right now you’re all simply out of your minds. Although it’s hit its modest target every penny will help give this game the launch it deserves.

Aside from the artwork being incredible and the background compelling, the models look at the absolute tits and the game play by all accounts should be slick and involve much manging of faces.

And to whet your appetite, check out this bad boy…



Pins of War interviews makers of THON

Seb, that cheeky bugger over at Pins of War has done an interview with the developers of THON, the game I posted about yesterday. Funnily enough I also had an interview with them yesterday so you’re going to have to wait for that now otherwise it’ll just be boring.

Thon1Thon – or THON – is a new sci-fi game. It will premier on Kickstarter later this year. The setting tells of the conflict between the name-giving Thonians and their Ordhren enemies. Thon will allow players to take on this conflict not only in one, but three distinct games. It is a bold project, bound to break the mould of current miniature wargames. The people behind Thon the Game were kind enough to answer me a few questions…

Read more here.


What the Thon?

So what is THON? I’ll tell you what THON is: gorgeous.


THON is also a face paced wargame that pits low-level engagement forces against one another in one of three game modes; verses (bog standard line up and mang each other in the face), narrative RPG and casual multiplayer. And have I mentioned that it’s gorgeous?


But gorgeousness aside THON does look like an interesting concept with a rich background which pleases me no end. This is what you can expect…

Core Set Contents
-Two variations of shock troops for each faction
-Two options for Commander/Overlord
-Two options for Multipurpose Units
-Heavy Support Unit
-Pocket Rule book
-Area of Effect Weapon
-Flash/Fury Dice

Versus Information
Versus is your standard head-to-head battle. Games last about 40 minutes to 1 Hour. Players alternate Move, Move, Shoot, Shoot (or move again), followed by Combat. Commanders and Overlords can buff units at any time, but only once per turn. They can increase movement, accuracy, damage or call in Orbital Support, to name just a few of their many dynamic abilities.

Narrative RPG Information
Narrative is your typical Pen and Paper RPG setting with a GM (called a Lar) and any number of players playing cooperatively to meet a goal. It includes more stats (seven total), more classes, character creation, currency and an expanded armory. Players create characters, choose classes, arm and equip and can immediately begin play with the Narrative provided, or create their own.

New Narrative Adventures will be released periodically.

SCOMA Information
Multiplayer (Defined as three or more) is called ’SCOMA’ (Self-Contained Mobile Armor) and is the most casual of all. It is a design-your-own free-for-all. Players decide on an experience pool and build a character using those points. With these, players battle it out in a PvP arena. There is a grid included that lists all relevant skills, their in-game effects and weapon/equipment, and stat costs.


As characters play a very important part in THON the table above gives you some idea of how you can buff them, and your units, out. This is all rather promising then. And with artwork like the one below…487201_317187255041798_1236024117_nAnd models like these…
548452_362144220546101_1203337155_nAnd these…


It’s all starting to look a bit tasty. Indications are that THON will be out Q2 this year so expect more information in the coming weeks.