#ODAM 11 – Ashley Swears

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In the first episode of 2014 there’s no shortage of things to talk about. Hobby progress, which makes Ashley mad. Games Workshop news, which makes Ashley mad. The new Tyranids release, which makes Ashley mad. And accounting, which makes Ashley mad.

Basically this is the episode where the gang, especially Ashley, channel me. Step in to my web!

Keep listening to the very end of the episode and you’re in for a very special Ashley related treat.

As always, episodes of ODAM are intended for grown-up ears and contains adult language and content from the start.

Listen to the episode here.

Blood Bowl Night in Canyada – Episode 3


Time for the third game of the Blood Bowl Season! Using the Chaos Edition of Blood Bowl from Cyanide Studios, we take a look at a custom team of randomly selected Facebook/Twitter followers of War and More Radio and track their progress.

Will the Throgg Bronzebacks make a killing as the MVP team of the year? Or will the Chaos God of Blood Bowl, Nuffle. Have other plans for our them? Tune in to find out!

Click Here To Download Game 3


For Game #1 and League Information : Click Here

Giving an ODAM

Regular readers will hopefully know that I along with Jason & Nate from Noobhammer, Adam from War More Radio and Ashely from Chickhammer have been working away on the Of Dice and Men Podcast.

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As we go into our 9th show we’ve been having a think about the show going forward into the future and beyond. We’re making a few changes which will gradually take effect over the next two or three months which will make the show better. I hasten to add not more serious, because Jase & I are still involved, just less of a bum fight.

The first step was to shut down the Of Dice and Men website. It wasn’t really serving a purpose that this site couldn’t fulfil, or pages on the websites of the other panelists. So with immediate effect that website is no more and all future episodes will be posted here instead. The episodes will just be listed on the ODAM page for now until they get something slightly prettier to look at, along with some changes to the site as a whole that are in the pipeline but that’s all hush-hush for now.

We’re also looking at more recording software to make the shows clearer and I’m also going to take a stab at recording which will give us greater freedom, take the pressure of Nate & Adam who are already so busy with their own shows and will allow me to expand The Shell Case and introduce TSC ODAM specials in which Adam and I get the other site contributors together for a couple of hours of cocking about.

We’ll also be looking at getting ODAM onto iTunes which will make it a damn sight easier for you wonderful lot to find it and hopefully reach a wider audience. Being totally ignorant to such things, I shall be exploring the hows, they whys, and the wherefores.

So lots happening and all of it good. We’ll be tackling ODAM 9 in the not too distant future so stay tuned…

Podcasting 101

Hello my fellow #warmongers, Wargamers and Shell Case readers! Over the past year and half I have had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with Phil and The Shell Case on multiple occasions and had a lot of fun. I currently run/operate the War and More Radio, which tracks my random forays into wargaming and Video Games. Needless to say I am a founding member of the Of Dice and Men Podcast on the The Shell Case and I want to keep giving back to this wonderful website!* [Awww shucks! Ed.]

*Shameless complements: CHECK

For my first post I thought it would be interesting to discuss my early stumblings into wargame podcasting and give out some helpful tips that I have learned over the past year and a half. With that said let’s get into the nitty-gritty and get started already!

TSC_CU_Logo copy

Have a point to your podcast

This has to be the most challenging and surprisingly stressful part of creating any podcast. I struggled this for a while: if you look at the early War and Mario Radio shows they were unfocused and just all over the place. I wanted to cover video games and wargaming but I found out in our conversations that while there may be some crossover topics (Fluff, IP), unfortunately there are some built-in barriers of understanding on both sides of the conversation. So rather than isolate gamers I decided to create smaller podcasts that address each topic specifically. The Warmonger covers wargaming and Let’s All Game talks about video games. I still record the normal show, but I keep it around for just general discussions about one specific area for that specific episode (video games in one episode for example). So keep it focussed and to the point, kind of like what I should be doing right now…moving on. [And what you desperately try to get us to do with ODAM. Ed.]

Audtio Quality…Pardon?

Editing is a skill that comes with time and to be honest is something that I still struggle with on occasion. Regardless, I motor on and do the best I can. You should always strive to improve this and never settle…ever! At first, audio may not be a big deal but due to initial start-up costs being what they are, this could be a challenge. I would avoid using webcamera mics, because they have terrible white noise. I have mixed views on the Skype app for iPhones, but Phil uses that for ODAM so, they can’t be that terrible. I would buy a mic from a larger store chain and ask about their return policy. Usually, you can’t return mics (smelly/sweat problems according to the stores), but larger chain stores let you get store credit and allow you to exchange mics usually. I learned this the hard way, sadly… Oh and avoid Logitech if you can…

To Hammer or not to Hammer? That is a Quite an Awkward Statement….

What do I mean by this? Well to put it simply, please, please, please….put some effort into your name. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter too much what you call your podcast. If your show is good and people find it interesting, who cares what you call it? It’s more of a personal opinion and one that should not be taken too heavily. I love Noobhammer, Kiwihammer and the folks over at Chumphammer (Little Pete in the house), and their name is by no means a negative. If you put hammer in the name it helps to illustrate where your show is focussed. However, you do put yourself into a potential hobby trap (only covering the Games Workshop game systems). I will leave this one up to you, but there is a reason why I chose the name: War and More Radio. Oddly enough it was to recognize that everything seems to have the word war in it. So why not have some WAR! And perhaps something more…


Your Format

In A Way That Makes Sense.

Again, how you organize your show should play to your strengths as a host and make sense. Everyone who comes onto the show should be there for a reason. It’s okay to have friends to just have on the show but they will make a bigger investment for the show if they perform a specific role or have a unique segment that is originally theirs. Make the show fun and try not to be too uptight (sounds like I should take my own advice, lol), we are all gamers and have certain tastes. If the show is explicit, try to make that obvious to your listeners. [That’s never been an issue for us… Ed.]

At the end of the day, try to remember it doesn’t matter what the other podcasts are doing. Be open for advice and criticism and keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you have 1000 people listening or just 2 (including you, during editing). If even one person listens to the show, you have changed their day and have made an influence! Keep in mind that they could have just listened to music instead.

As Always,

Adam “Mr Voxman” Tremblay

Of Dice & Men – Episode 2

It’s here, episode 2! Now with 200% more content!ODAM

In episode 2 of Of Dice & Men the team talk about their hobby, wargaming blogs that have caught their eye and the importance of background in the building and playing of a game, and does poor fluff mean poor army lists?

We also learn that Jason’s mental, Adam is a deviant, Nate is in a sulk and Phil goes off on a rant. Again.

Of Dice & Men Episode 2

Of Dice and Men

I am very excited to announce that I, with the guys from Noobhammer & War More Radio are launching the Of Dice & Men Podcast. Of Dice & Men will feature the five of us as a regular panel talking about various hobby topics and our intention is to regularly feature Bloggers and Podcasters from around the world to join in the discussion and have the piss taken out of them by me and Jase. You have been warned.

This is something Jase, Nate, John, Adam and myself have been working on for some time now and we’re all eager to see how the community receives it. If you’re interested in taking part in the show then fill out the form on the Of Dice & Men page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. At present we’re aiming to do just one show a month – mainly due to other commitments we all have to work around – so we may not be able to get you in straight away but we’ll do what we can.

A massive thanks to Nate of Noobhammer for all his recording and editing jiggery pokery.

Anyway, without further-ado I give you the first ever episode of Of Dice & Men…

Of Dice & Men Episode 1

Radio Ga Ga

An idea has been floated on Twitter that between myself and the guys behind War More Radio & Noobhammer produce an audio drama. Now the specifics haven’t been worked out. Specifically how we’d record it. Or how we’d do sound effects… I’m sure the list goes on. It may be that it’s too big a project and it doesn’t happen, but dammit it’s worth a try!

That aside, I have volunteered to write the script. Between the helpful tips given to me by Nick Kyme during his interview with me, and downloading a copy of Scrivener, I’m hoping that this won’t be too steep a mountain to climb.

The real question is; what is the audio drama going to be about? I’d like to keep it within the realms of Wargaming as it is, after all, what  we’re all about, but I thought I’d throw story suggestions open to community. Post you story suggestions here, on the forum or on Twitter with the hashtag #DramaticallyShellCase.

If we choose one of your ideas you’ll get a mention in the credits and you may win a prize. But it’s going to be a free download so don’t expect to get royalties. Keep you ideas to the equivalent length of a couple of Tweets. If we like your ideas we’ll contact you for more information.