#warmongers Secret Santa 2013 is Live

Those that signed up to this year’s #warmongers Secret Santa should have all received your emails by now. Some of you I’ve not emailed before so make sure you check you spam/junk folders.


Apologies to all for the delay in getting the emails sent out. It’s a lengthy process administrating a Secret Santa with this many people across 4 continents and spare time is in short supply at the moment.

Just a reminder to those taking part what you’ve agreed to:

The spend limit will be 10GBP/16USD/12.00Euro excluding postage. You don’t have to spend that much but try not to go over. Obviously I can’t impose restrictions but I suggest you avoid gifts that are, or include the following:


Adult or sexual in nature


Sharp objects



Anything that could or will go boom.

Parcels must be posted no later than the 15th December 2013 to allow for postal services to be shit and please include in the parcel a note saying who you are, your Twitter name (if applicable) and a festive message. I know it’s supposed to be secret but the surprise in the post is secret enough. I think it far nicer to be able to thank the person.

Anyway, good luck and happy shopping and if you have any questions tweet me or use the hashtag #warmongersSecretSanta.


Salute 2013


It’s crazy to think that a whole year has gone past since the last Salute and if anything I’m even more excited about this one. Mainly because I’ve been saving for months so I can really go to town – not that I didn’t do badly on the toy front last year – but I get to spend a day with The Chaps, meet up with the #warmongers and generally have a brilliant day up to my eyes in wargaming.

I shall be doing my best to Tweet throughout the day – network permitting – so keep an eye out for pictures and what have you.

I’m also really looking forward to the #warmongersMeetUp so those attending Salute that want to come along keep an eye out on Twitter for that hashtag as it’ll be appearing on numerous Twitter accounts. It’ll be great to see the guys from last year as well as hopefully new faces too. Any and all #warmongers are welcome. I’m hoping to get a photo of all the guys that have #warmongers shirts to share with you.

One last thing: Reading various feeds last night on Twitter I was struck by the phenomenal amount of work that the traders put in to prepare for this event. Incredibly long days and a lot of money investing in stock they hope will sell. Not to mention getting to the venue, setting up, serving members of the community all day and then they get the pleasure, whilst we sod of with all our wares, of packing up again and taking long drives home. With this in mind, to all those who are attending as customers; do your best to thank all the traders you deal with for making the effort to come along. I guarantee you it will mean a lot to them.

All that’s left to be said is have an amazing time tomorrow to all those going and if you see me about – I’ll be the guy in The Shell Case shirt – then do say hi.

Charity Wargaming

M’comrade Rob, staunch #warmonger and loyal member of the Shell Case Alliance is being a rather splendid chap and playing wargames for charity. Not just any charity mind, but Multiple Sclerosis UK, a charity very close to my heart.

For those that haven’t heard of Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system. In MS, the coating around nerve fibres (called myelin) is damaged, causing a range of symptoms. Around 100,000 people in the UK have MS. It’s normally diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 40, and affects almost three times as many women as men. Once diagnosed, MS stays with you for life, but treatments and specialists can help you to manage the symptoms. We don’t know the cause and we haven’t yet found a cure, but research is progressing fast.

And Rob had this to say over on the Moss[op]:

Hello lovely #warmongers

Some of you already know that myself and my other half, Beth, are running the Virgin London Marathon for the fantastic Multiple Sclerosis UK. The training is going really well (even if my legs are screaming at me right now after our third 20 miler last night!) and we’re raring to go on April 21st.

MS-UK are a brilliant charity, very local to us and the work they do by giving support to those with MS is a brilliant example of the impact that well-organised, dedicated and bloody hard-working charitable organisations can have.
What am I doing?
Well, this is a question I often ask myself in a different context, but right here, right now I’m raising money for MS-UK, in support of my sponsorship for the London marathon, by having a charity wargaming marathon. That means 26.2 hours of non-stop gaming (!) starting at 12:30 on Sunday the 30th of March through to 2:20pm on Monday the 31st March.

Read more here.

#warmongers Secret Santa Presents

Once again happy Christmas to #warmongers the world over. And as it is this most special of days I wanted to share with you some of the gifts fellow #warmongers received from one another as part of the #warmongersSecretSanta. And as the feedback has been so positive I’m definitely planning on repeating it again next year.

So first up…me! Now, I must emphasise that I drew every name at random – although I did group by country to keep costs down for folk – and I not only ended up drawing Dave (@docbungle) but he drew me.

Knowing each other as well as we do, gifts were really quite straight forward so he got me some Terran Alliance Cruisers pretty much forcing me into collecting the fleet have ummed and erred about it for so long and I got him Captain Murdoch for his Cygnar.


What’s great to see is how many of you managed to get something that suited the recipient down to the ground whether it was hobby related or not. Below is a collection of snaps of just some of the presents received. I think you’ll agree there’s some ace presents. My personal favourite is the Fall of Damnos and Piñata…























#warmonger of the Year – The Results

Merry Christmas #warmongers. I hope you’re all having a lovely day so far.

The time has come to announce the #warmonger of the Year. The member of our community, voted for by the community, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

First, a quick note; thank you to everyone who voted for me, it was hugely touching but I wouldn’t feel right accepting an accolade that I set up in the first place. So I’m counting myself out of this one.

Just a reminder, the prize is signed copies of Games Workshop veteran, and friend of The Shell Case, Gav Thorpe’s critically acclaimed Crown Trilogy.


No less than 12 #warmongers excluding myself received nominations but, as ever, there can only be one winner and that particularly lucky bugger is…Dave Wilkinson aka @docbungle.

Dave couldn’t be a more deserving winner. Ever on Twitter, Dave is on hand to lend #warmongers encouragement or advice – some of it is even helpful – and has been instrumental in forging the thriving community I’m proud to be apart of. He also set up #MiniatureMonday and his blog has entertained literally dozens of us for years.

A special mention goes to Hugo – aka @ichibanpainting – who came a very close second. I’m going to sort him out a little something as he’s also contributed an awful lot to our merry little band and it’s only right that he be rewarded.

Congratulations both, you do us all proud.

#warmongers Secret Santa Update

The closing data has been and gone for the #warmonger Secret Santa and those taking part should all have emails from me with the person they’re buying a present for.

If, for any reason, you’ve signed up and haven’t received an email or I’ve made a mistake and you’ve received two then please get in touch either on Twitter, email or via the contact form and I’ll get things ironed out.

Otherwise good luck buying for your respective #warmonger. Reminder of what you need to do can be found here.

And it’d be great to put up pics of what everyone gets so please feel free to email me with them.

#FWO – Go Resin or Go Home

Following on from Richard’s Forge World Only post, Shell Case contributor Chris, aka @Darth_Crumble had this to say…

In the last week or so, an interesting new trending in gaming projects has emerged on Twitter. I speak of Forge Wold Only (#forgeworldonly on Twitter), originally mooted by Richard (aka @richards2507) but swiftly adopted by at least a dozen other Twitter #warmongers.
Richard’s full breakdown of the project can be found here: (http://skirmishgamer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/forge-world-only.html?m=1) and a list of participants here: (http://skirmishgamer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/forge-world-only-participants_8.html?m=1) but the key points can be summarised thus (emphasis mine): 
1) Forge World models should be used primarily, unless they don’t manufacture a specific part.
2) If Forge World don’t manufacture a specific part, you can use any company in the world. FOR THAT PART ONLY.
3) You can only have 1 unit at a time (combat squads count as a unit, transport is a separate unit)
4) You can only buy another unit after the current one is fully painted and based, and pictures shared on twitter.
5) once we reach 1,750 points we all meet at Warhammer World for a day of gaming, drinking and purchasing our next unit.
As some of you who know me, follow me on Twitter or followed the old Paint And Biscuits blog may know, I have forsworn Games Workshop and am in the process of selling off the last of my old Space Marines. This is motivated not just by the ever spiralling cost of all things GW, but also how much of a stressful, faffy, pain in the neck gaming with GW can be.
That said, the Forge World Only is actually tempting me back.
I have thought for a while that I actually like the stuff produced by Forge World more than a lot of stuff produced my Games Workshop itself. Partly it’s a question of quality, but mainly because I like their style more. Forge World models have always had a simple, straightforward aesthetic which I quite like, in contrast to standard GW models which can be a bit over-bling. For example, I personally like to keep my Astartes squads simple and without too much extraneous stuff. I must admit in recent years, I’ve also started to wish for the ability to create more visually unified squads. Of course, you could spend ages combing bitzbox or similar sites to find the right chest plates, armoured legs and helmets to appease such an obsessive desire, or you could just buy a nicely matching set from Forge World. And as a long time fan of the MkVI armour, the prospect of having a full squad of ‘Beakies’, even with appropriate retro weapons should I so desire.
There is no denying that Forge World stuff is cool, but there is also no denying that it is very expensive. Though as one or two folk on twitter have remarked, at the rate that mainstream GW prices are rising, in another year or so FW could be the cheap option. Also, as FW offer a range of weapon and equipment packs, you can just order stuff separately rather than having to order a whole other plastic squad in order to get a power sword for your tactical sergeant.
There’s no denying anyone embarking on the Forge World Only project would have a very slow burning project on their hands. Possibly very, very slow if your painting time is as limited as some gamers (myself included). That said, the prospect of getting new shiny things could be an incentive to get things painted all the quicker. But this will at least mean that the ‘one unit at a time’ rule will mean spreading the cost of the project, which is absolutely essential when you’re dealing with anything as horrifyingly expensive as Forge World models can be, and I know that many of the gamers involved have used the fact that they are spreading the cost by spending small amounts periodically to justify the project to their significant others. Cost of shipping not withstanding. Plus, it will help prevent anyone becoming overwhelmed by a painting backlog – which as we all know can be one of the biggest de-motivators a wargamer faces. I like that this is very much a project designed with the realities of #warmongers lives in mind. 
I shall do my best to resist the lure of this phenomenon as I don’t have the time or spare cash, tempting as it is. But I wish everyone involved good luck and look forward to the pictures each Miniature Monday.

Forge World Only

Not to be confused with For Your Eyes Only. If you’re looking for naked chicks, you’ll be disappointed.

If you’re expecting a fantastic slice of community focussed hobby then you’re in the right place. But rather than let me prattle on I thought I’d let the chap who came up with Forge World Only explain the method behind his madness…

So I give you Richard Smith, aka @richard2507;

Forge World Only, is something I came up with to persuade the wife to let me make an army made up of Forge World models and kits (as much as possible). As this would have cost an absolute fortune in one outlay and the fact I’m not ready for a divorce I starting thinking of ways to do it, and that is where the plan came in.

The plan was simple, I buy a unit and have to fully finish that unit before buying another one, this way it keeps costs down, keeps me painting and most importantly keeps the wargaming widow happy! For this to work though I had to come up with some rules and a condition to allow the wife to agree on it.
The rules are;

1) Forge World models should be used primarily, unless they don’t manufacture a specific part.
2) If Forge World don’t manufacture a specific part, you can use any company in the world. FOR THAT PART ONLY.
3) You can only have 1 unit at a time (combat squads count as a unit, transport is a separate unit)
4) You can only buy another unit after the current one is fully painted and based, and pictures shared on twitter.
5) Once we reach 1,750 points we all meet at Warhammer World for a day of gaming, drinking and purchasing our next unit.
It initially only had the top 3 rules until my twitter and blog article attracted like-minded gamers!

So the condition set by the wife I hear you all cry out for, this was simple; She who must be obeyed set the condition of the time I break my rules then she has the right to ban me from increasing the army until she sees fit!!

With all this in mind I set about picking an army and making my first list.

In the end I picked Eldar Corsairs mainly due to nostalgia of my old Craftworld Eldar Biel Tan army I had way back in the days of a codex and an expansion codex, this was the main reason. The other reason was simply the Eldar models are possibly the most beautiful sculpts in the GW range. Everything is smooth and sharp and crisp, and serves as much as function as it does as a thing of beauty. The only other governing factor was that the Corsair army is truly a deadly and really exemplifies the way Eldar fight; swift and deadly.

This started as a personal project of mine and something I advertised on twitter in the hope for some motivation and encouragement, little did I know that in the first few days of coming up with the idea I was up to almost 20 people willing to take part also and it has caused quite a stir in the community that I follow on there.
I have been astounded by the following and the diversity in armies chosen (although there are lots of pre-heresy armies being thought out as we speak).

Through the community we have also arranged ‘meet up’ days at Warhammer World to show off what we have done so far and to get some games in, the first big milestone we are aiming for is 1,750 points each and to get the Warhammer World for a Battle Royale of epic proportions, with almost 34,000 points on the table.

It’s an absolutely superb idea and it’s great to see such strong mutual support going on within the #warmongers community. Because of the nature of my Chaos Space Marine army I shall be trying to cram as many pre-heresy Space Marine models in there as possible. So if Richard’s feeling generous I may get included in Forge World Only. I’d certainly love to get to Warhammer World to watch the spectacle of Forge World armies kicking the living shit out of each other.

#warmonger of the Year

Last night I had a bit of an idea. And that idea was to do a #warmonger of the year competition. However, whereas normally I make you jump through hoops to win toys or signed copies of books, this time I’m asking you all to nominate your favourite #warmonger.

The person in the Twitter community that has helped you out the most or gone that extra mile. Follow the link below to nominate your favourite #warmonger (and no it can’t be yourself) and they could be in with the chance of winning a complete and signed set of The Crown trilogy written by Shell Case favourite Gav Thorpe.

And if the winner has a blog I’ll design them a little button as well so they can show off to all their visitors how awesome they are.

Nominations must be in by the 15th December and a winner will be announced on Christmas Eve (24th December).

Nominate now.