Wayland Games to Acquire Vesper-On Games

It has been revealed to me by an anonymous source that as part of Wayland Games’ bid to launch a game studio that they will be acquiring Vesper-On Games, the people who product Carnivale.


What this means for the company is yet unknown beyond Wayland clearly looking to use their infrastructure to produce HOX. I suspect Carnevale will continue to be sold as a revenue stream for the new business whilst they get their own game off the ground. But time will tell…

Wayland Games Announces Game Studio

Well they’ve been up to something for a while and this appears to be it; news that Wayland Games are teaming up with Well Forged to establish a game studio bring the game HOX to tabletops around the world. Anyone’s guess what it’ll be about but judging by the art it has a distinctive I am Legend flavour to it. Only hopefully not as shit.

Here’s the release:

Well Forged Films and Wayland Games are proud to announce their partnership to produce a range of tabletop games based on their own original IP.

Their first collaborative project, codenamed HOX, incorporates sci-fi and horror elements to bring an intense and fun game to the tabletop.


Brian Hassan, Head of Film Production, Well Forged Films: “I’m a huge fan of board and miniature gaming, so the chance to work with a pedigree such as Wayland Games is like a dream come true for me. The crossovers between our creative industries are obvious but rarely utilised – with this partnership and with project HOX in particular, we want to bring players the absolute best in tabletop gaming, with a very real game universe, rich in detail and bursting with personality, fantastic story-driven gameplay and of course, a beautifully crafted miniatures series.”

Richard Lawford, Managing Director, Wayland Games Ltd: “I’m super excited to be involved in this project, and I’m looking forward to the collaboration between ourselves and the amazing team over at Well Forged Films and Blitz Games Studios. Work is underway in setting up the studio and finding the best and brightest minds, skills and technologies to be part of this exciting experience.”



Well forged Films:
Established by Blitz Games Studios as part of its cutting-edge work in creating innovative and dynamic productions, Well Forged Films is a production company that aims to bring exciting and original content to the silver screen and television. Drawing on the expertise of a wide range of individuals from right across the creative industries, including computer games, screen writing, filming, model making, advertising and, of course, film production, Well Forged Films is committed to creating the very best interactive entertainment based on its own IP.

Wayland Games:
2013 marks the start of an exciting new chapter in the growth of Wayland Games Ltd. Since coming online in August 2008, Wayland Games has grown to become the world’s largest independent retailer of tabletop gaming products. Based in Hockley Essex, their HQ hosts not only warehousing and distribution facilities, but also a massive gaming events centre and dedicated video production studio. Wayland Games offer the widest selection of tabletop gaming products in the industry and strives to offer both great value and great service to all its customers and partners. This year we are establishing new separate entity in our family of companies; a state of the art games development and publishing studio to bring amazing tabletop games to gaming fans all over the world. Utilising the very best techniques and technologies we aim to empower our developers to unleash their creativity and invent some of the best gaming experiences seen so far in this industry.



Tabletop Nation Gaming Centre

Some very exciting news from Tabletop Nation – the collaborative gaming powerhouse formed by Beasts of War and Wayland Games in the form of the Tabletop Nation gaming centre.

It’s welcome news and gives me hope of reviving the Shell Case Beatdown.
I’ve lifted the info from the site but by all means nip over and check it out.

Tabletop Nation is excited to announce that plans are now moving ahead to deliver the first phase in this exciting partnership, created between Beasts of War and Wayland Games. The Tabletop Nation venue and gaming centre will open its doors in early September 2012, with a state of the art retail store, and gaming venue hosting up to 70 or 100 players depending on game system.

Located in Hockley, Essex, within easy reach of London, and supported by Rail Links and an International Airport, all within 15 mins of the venue, we welcome gamers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, to our global headquarters for Tabletop Nation and from where future Tabletop Nation initiatives will launch, as they come on-line.

The story so far…
A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes over the last 6 months since the TTN concept was first announced. A suitable location had to be found, one that met a particular set of requirements. Things such as size (which would allow for future expansion), ease of access (good road, rail and air links), free parking (and plenty of it!) and local amenities were all taken into consideration.

Then the right personnel had to be found. A team of people with the right experience and capabilities to deliver a world-class gaming venue, taking the project requirements from the concept stage through to the finished article. That team is made up of both industry and community members, and looks like this: Warren Johnston, Gary Moore, Stuart Mackaness, Conrad Gonsalves, Jon Webb, Jonathan Taylor-Yorke, Paul Bridge, Chris Tomlin with others joining us soon.

Every member of the team brings his own particular strengths to the project, and between them they offer venue design and management, communications and marketing, high quality event creation and management, as well as creativity and tons of enthusiasm!

So just how good is this gaming centre going to be, you might ask…
In its initial phase the facility will house a state of the art retail outlet, complete with a purpose designed gaming area, and over coming phases will expand into a gaming centre capable of holding in excess of 200 players, for fun, spacious events (including doubles tournaments) resplendent with their own bar and restaurant operation!

As well as the nearby Airport and Rail Link the venue has free on site parking, plus 3 additional restriction free car parks literally across the road catering for cars and coaches, and a number of local hotels ready to provide quality overnight accommodation.
Once complete, the retail outlet will give you the chance to see first hand, all of the great miniatures and hobby products many of you will only have seen pictures of online, and will give you access to the complete range of products carried on the Wayland Games website. Fully trained, friendly staff will be on hand to offer help and advice in all areas of the hobby, and we will have the first dedicated Beasts of War “Hobby Lab” where you can experiment with a wide range of hobby tools and products to help expand your hobby horizons.

There will be a gallery exhibiting inspirational miniatures, the work of local and guest painters, as well as a few surprise pieces!
The initial gaming area will offer a range of gaming table sizes, and tables can be moved and reconfigured to provide events with
maximum flexibility. Each gaming table will be reversible with a different base finish on each side, and these will be topped off with
high quality terrain pieces. Our expected launch is towards the end of August/September 2012
and we will keep you fully informed of progress as the next few weeks pass by.

Future phases of the development will see the introduction of the bar and catering services, where first class, flexible service will be the order of the day! We will have permanent staff on site to cater for all of your food and drink needs with a friendly smile and a ‘can do’ approach! IT and Audio Visual systems will be installed which will include plenty of flat screens, a pa system and some very special surprises. Needless to say, this will be available for use by independent tournament organisers. We will also be offering free on site Wi-Fi.

Opening the doors…
On weekdays during Phase 1, we will be open initially for at least 3 evenings so local players, clubs and general visitors can come along and play for free. We will have a booking system in place where you can reserve a table if you wish. We hope the venue will become a welcoming home to all the players in the South East, London and the East of England, as well as visitors from throughout the UK, Europe and further afield.

We shall be running a variety of new and exciting tournaments throughout the year as well as hobby and product launch/support events where we work in liaison with our manufacturing partners. In addition, independent tournament organisers will be able to hire the venue for free, and will receive full backup support from ourselves to ensure a successful event.